Dr. Fligelman received his BS degree in Civil Engineering from  the Technion of Israel in 1970.  In 1976 he received his first MS degree in Civil Engineering from the Technion .  In 1978 he received his second  MS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University in the US, and in 1980 he received his PhD degree in Petroleum  Engineering , also from Stanford. 
Fligelman has more than forty years of practical experience in the oil industry, focusing on reservoir engineering studies and petrophysics evaluations, mainly for Israeli companies.   

Dr. Haim Fligelman   Petroleum Engineer

His professional experience started in 1970 , when he became a reservoir engineer at Netivei Neft, an Israeli Government company,  which operated in the Gulf of Suez (Egypt).  From 1975 till 1980 he worked as a senior reservoir engineer with the National Oil Company of Israel, which operated also in the Gulf of Suez. From 1980 till 1989, Fligelman worked with Oil Exploration(Investment), as the head of the petrophysics and reservoir engineering departments. His main tasks were: design and supervision of logging , coring and well testing in any borehole drilled in Israel, reservoir engineering studies of existing fields, development of software in petrophysics and reservoir engineering , reservoir simulation and economic evaluation.  From 1989 till 2001 Fligelman worked with Lapidoth Israel Oil prospectors Corp.  as the head of petrophysics and reservoir engineering departments, and part time as the international marketing manager of the company .  From 2001, Fligelman has been an independent petroleum consultant, based in Israel.  For five years he was the Operator of Lapidoth - Helez Limited Partnership.  For Three years was a consultant  to the Petroleum  Commissioner of Israel.  Presently, he is consulting for Avner/Delek  and Ginko, and assisting in finding attractive concessions  abroad for investments.

Besides his academic degrees :
*Fligelman is a Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and the Society of Professional Well log Analysis (SPWLA).
* He has a long history of academic activity:
Teaching for several years a Formation Evaluation course in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Universities. In addition he was an outside advisor to several students in Tel Aviv University and the Technion , for MS and PhD  degrees.

*Fligelman is the author of more than 25 publications.

*He is the author of tens of computer programs in almost every phase of the oil industry.

*Fligelman attended  several short courses given by the SPE :Applied Reservoir Engineering (1974 ), Modern Shaley Sand Log Analysis (1987) and Hydraulic Fracturing Symposium (1982).



Haim Fligelman